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Representative APR Max Loan Amount Loan Term
1971% £1000 5 months
Representative example: £350 borrowed for 12 months. Interest 345% p.a. variable. Total amount repayable £1267.80 in 12 payments of £105.65 per month. Total cost for credit £917.80 comprising interest of £917.80.
Sunny Loans

Our Review:

Sunny are a new payday loan lender taking a whole new approach to short term lending. They offer loans of up to £1000 and allow you to pay in back in a variety of ways depending on which suits you best. Plus you don’t have to repay in full on your next payday, in fact you can borrow the money for up to 5 months. What’s more, you never need to reapply – instead you can have access to your unused credit 24/7 which can be transferred to your account in as little as 15 minutes whenever you need it.

So, let’s break it down;

You can apply for up to £1000, and Sunny will tell you how much you’ve been approved for. Let’s say Sunny approve you for the full £1000, you don’t need to take the full amount right there and then. You can transfer £500 to your bank account and leave £500 spare in your Sunny account which you can transfer whenever you need it. This way you’ll only pay the interest on what you borrow, so whilst you’ve got £1000 to use, because you’ve only borrowed £500 you’ll only pay the interest on that £500.

What’s really great with Sunny is that you’ll never pay a fee, no cash transfer fees nothing, you only pay the interest on the money you’ve borrowed and that’s it. Even better you get 5 days to change your mind about your loan, so if you take a loan out and decide you don’t want it within 5 days, providing you pay it back you won’t pay a single penny!

Repaid your loan and want to borrow in the future? You can – without having to reapply. You can log back into your account and access any of your unused credit 24/7, and have it sent to your bank account within just 15 minutes.

They have various repayment options for you to choose from which you can find on their website. Choose the one that’s right for you rather than being restricted to repaying in full on your next payday.

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