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Max Loan
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Sunny Logo
£1000 5 Months £128.99 (30 Days) 1971%
Representative Example: £350 borrowed for 12 months. Interest 345% p.a. variable. Total amount repayable £1267.80 in 12 payments of £105.65 per month. Total cost for credit £917.80 comprising interest of £917.80
Access Fast Money Logo
£150 30 Days £130 (30 Days) 6349%
Representative Example: £125 borrowed for 24 days. Annual rate of interest 360% (fixed). Total amount payable by one single repayment: £162.50. 6349%APR
Reddies Direct Logo
£200 30 Days £127.95 (30 Days) 1905%
Representative Example: Credit Amount:£200 for 30 Days. Total Amount Payable: £255.89 payable in a single repayment. Total Cost of Credit:£55.89 (comprising of Interest). Interest Rate: 340% pa (Fixed). Representative APR:1905%
Wizz Cash Logo
£300 3 Months £291.18 (£200 over 3 pay dates) 993%
Representative Example: Total amount of credit £200. Duration of the agreement 90 days. Total amount repayable: £291.18 to be repaid in 3 equal instalments of £97.06 on your next 3 pay days. Interest is fixed at a rate of 264% per year. Representative APR is 993%.
Shelby Finance Logo
£300 6 Months £210 (6 months) 1568.1%
Representative Example: Borrow: £150. Total Amount Repayable: £315 in 6 equal instalments of £52.50 on your next 6 pay days. £15 is deducted for a UK Faster Payment Charge before loan transfer. Interest fixed at 330% per annum; you pay £27.45 per month per £100 borrowed. Representative APR is 1568.1%.
Tide U Over Logo
£300 31 Days £135 (31 Days) 1734%
Representative Example: Borrow £200 for 28 days. The total charge for credit is £61. Interest is fixed at a rate of £61 per £200 loan (326% per annum). The total repayable is £261. 1734% APR Representative
The Quick Loan Shop Ltd Logo
£500 30 Days £125 (30 Days) 1734%
Representative Example: Borrow £200 for 28 days. Amount payable: £250. Interest £50. Interest rate: 300% p.a. APR: 1734%
Piggy Bank Logo
£500 42 Days £131.95 (30 Days) 1355%
Representative Example: Amount of credit: £250 for 30 days. Total amount payable: £320.95. Interest rate 300% (fixed). Interest £62.50. Payout fee £8.45. Representative APR 1355%.
Ferratum Logo
£300 45 Days £136.90 (30 Days) 2591%
Representative Example: Amount of Credit £300 for 45 days. Interest £145.20. Interest rate 400.4% p.a. (fixed). Payment Process Fee £5.00. Representative APR 2591%. Total amount repayable by one repayment of £450.20
Wageday Xpresss Logo
£350 12 Weeks £125 (30 Days) 1734%
Representative Example: Total amount of Credit: £100, Duration of agreement: 28 days, Total amount repayable: £125 (4 equal payments of £31.25), Total charge for Credit: £25 (comprising £20 interest and £5 admin fee), Representative APR: 1734% per annum
Vario Loans Logo
£500 3 Months £130 (30 Days) 2334%
Representative Example: Amount of credit £200. Total amount repayable £260 in one instalmentinterest £60. Duration of the agreement 30 days. Interest rate 365% pa fixed. Representative APR 2334%
Red Wallet Logo
£400 31 Days £129 (30 Days) 2116%
Representative Example: Amount of credit £200. Total amount repayable £258 in one instalment interest £58. Duration of the agreement 30 days. Interest rate 352% pa fixed. Representative APR 2116%
THL Direct Logo
£225 31 Days £162.50 (£125 over 28 days) 4094%
Representative Example: Representative Example: £125 borrowed over 28 days. Annual interest rate of 360% (fixed. Total amount payable by one repayment: £162.50. 4094%APR representative
Mr Instant Cash Logo
£400 31 Days £130.50 (28 Days) 1734%
Representative Example: Borrow £200 for 28 days. The total charge for credit is £61. Interest is fixed at a rate of £61 per £200 loan (326% per annum). The total repayable is £261. 1734% APR Representative.
Fancy A Payday Logo
£225 31 Days £162.50 (£125 over 28 Days) 4094%
Representative Example: Representative Example: £125 borrowed for 28 days. Annual rate of interest: 360% (fixed). Total amount payable by one repayment: £162.50. 4094% APR representative.
Uncle Buck Logo
£400 31 Days £134.95 (30 Days) 4248.9%
Representative Example: If you borrowed £200 for 29 days you would repay a single payment of £269.90. Interest is 439.89% per annum (fixed). Representative 4248.9% APR
100 Pounds Logo
£100 10 Days £110 16381%
Representative Example: Amount of credit £100 for 10 days. Total amount repayable £115. Interest £10. Interest rate 365% p.a fixed. Transfer & credit check fee £5. Representative 16,381% APR
MyJar Logo
£100 18 Days £120 (18 Days) 3943%
Representative Example: Borrowing £100. Days 18. Interest £20. Total £120. Annual interest 406% (variable). Representative 3943% APR.
Trusted Quid Logo
£150 38 days £130 2957.36%
Representative Example: Representative example: Borrow £200 for 28 days. The total charge for credit is £60.00 comprising interest only. Interest is fixed at a rate of 30% of the amount borrowed for the term of the loan (a rate of 391.3% per annum) irrespective of the duration of your loan (between 7 and 38 days). The total repayable is £260.00 which is repayable in a single repayment on your next payday. Representative 2957.36% APR.
WageMe Logo
£400 30 Days £139.00 (30 Days) 3963.75%
Representative Example: £275 borrowed for 30 days. Annual Interest Rate of 348% (fixed). Total amount repayable by one payment is £354.75. 3963.75% APR Representative.
Wonga Logo
£400 30 Days £137.15 (30 Days) 5853%
Representative Example: Representative Example: There is a Representative 5,853% APR so if you borrow £150 over 18 days at a rate of 365% p.a. (fixed) you will repay £183.49. Includes £5.50 transmission fee. WDFC UK Limited Registered Address: 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ.
Pounds to Pocket Logo
£2000 12 Months £645.36 (£300 over 12 Months) 278%
Representative Example: Borrow £500 and pay £79.09 per month for 12 months at a fixed interest rate of 140% per year.1 The total charge for credit is £449.01 (all interest). The Total Repayable is £949.01
Quick Quid Logo
£1000 30 Days Up to £129.50 (30 Days) 1734%
Representative Example: Borrow £200 for 28 days. The total charge for credit is £50. Interest is fixed at a rate of £50 per £200 loan (326% per annum). The total repayable is £250. 1734% APR Representative
Monkey Dosh Logo
£150 30 Days £125 (30 Days) 1734%
Representative Example: Rate of Interest: 25% per month. Total Amount of Credit: £150. Representative APR: 1734%. Duration of Agreement: 28 Days. Total Amount Payable: £187.50. Total Charge of Credit: 37.50.
Cash 4 U Now Installment Loans Logo
£400 6 Months £292 (£200 over 2 Months) 1706.9%
Representative Example: If you borrow £200 for 1 month(s), plus interest of £60.00. You will repay £260.00 in 1 instalment(s) of £260.00. Total charge for credit per £100 borrowed for 1 month(s) is £30, flat annual interest rate 390%, representative 2334.0% APR.
Mr Lender Logo
£500 30 Days £130 (30 Days) 4849%
Representative Example: Loan amount: £300. Duration of Loan: 30 Days. Rate of Interest: 30% (fixed). Administration Fee: £7. Same Day Transfer Fee: £10. Total Amount Repayable: £390. The administration fee and Same Day Transfer fee (where applicable) will be deducted from your loan amount. Amount transfer in this representative example will be £283. Interest rate 353% per annum (fixed).
Peachy Logo
£500 5 Months £135 (30 Days) 1058%
Representative Example: Borrow £200.00 for 60 days. Repay in 2 payments, first payment in 30 days. Each payment: £149,54. Total repayment: £299.08. Transfer fee: £5.00. Interest: £94.08. Interest p.a: 365% (fixed). Representative APR 1058%
Payday UK Logo
£400 30 Days £129.95 (30 Days) 2610.15%
Representative Example: Representative Example: £275 borrowed for 28 days. Annual interest rate of 359.40% (fixed). Total amount repayable by one repayment is £357.36. 2610.15% APR Representative
Wage Day Advance Logo
£300 40 Days £129.50 (30 Days) 7069.3%
Representative Example: Amount borrowed £225. Interest £66.38. Express payment option £15. Total cost for credit £81.38. Total amount payable £306.38. 29.5% fixed over 28 days. Interest rate 384.5% per annum. Representative APR 7069.3%
247 Money Box Logo
£200 30 Days £133.76 (28 Days) 17203.7%
Representative Example: Total amount of credit £225, debit card validation fee £0.12, Fast Process Fee of £20, duration of the agreement 24 days, rate of interest (also charged on Fast Process Fee if selected) 438% per annum fixed, total amount payable £315.68 in one payment of £295.56 plus £0.12 debit card validation fee and £20 Fast Process Fee. Representative APR 17203.7%. (Example includes the optional Fast Process Fee)

Important Information About Payday Loans & Frequently Asked Questions

This is important information about how most of the payday loan lenders we feature on this site operate. You must ensure that you have read and fully understand the specific terms of the payday loan lender before applying for a loan. These details can be found on every lenders website.

What happens if I cannot repay my payday loan?

It is imperative that you meet your agreed repayments on time. The prices and rates that we give are based on the assumption that you will do this. Every payday lender operates differently and uses different methods to calculate late fees, default charges and additional interest.

Failing to make your payment on time will usually result in extra interest and charges being applied to your account. Most lenders will also look to take further steps, including legal action, if you continuously fail to meet your repayments or try to find a solution to the debt. The amount of the fees and additional interest varies from lender to lender, this should be clearly displayed on their website and it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood these charges. Generally, repayments on your loan are taken from your bank account automatically via a process known as Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) - this is an automatic debit from your debit card. Should you have insufficient funds in your account at the time the payday lender attempts to debit your account, you will incur additional charges. Additional charges and interest will result in your total balance due to increase - sometimes significantly.

We always advise borrowers that feel that they may not be able to meet their repayment to contact the lender at the earliest opportunity, by ignoring the repayment and the debt may have a negative impact on your credit score.

How does a Payday Loan affect my credit score?

Currently, the majority of payday lenders report your borrowing and repayment history to the Credit Bureaus. If you continue to avoid a debt or fail to make repayments, this will reflect negatively on your credit score and you will find it more difficult to obtain further credit in the future. For relatively small loans, the implications of a negative report from a payday lender on your credit score can be severe.

Can I roll my loan over, or extend the terms?

Generally, we do not recommend rollovers or extensions. If you feel that you require more time to pay then you should contact your lender immediately. For the lenders that offer rollover options, you will usually be charged one months interest and possibly an extension fee. In some circumstances, lenders may automatically roll your loan over until you instruct them otherwise - you should check this within your payday loan terms and conditions. New guidelines insist that a customer cannot roll a loan over more than 2 times.

What steps will Payday Lenders take if I continue to miss payments?

When your repayment is due, if the lender is unable to collect their funds they will usually contact you via the details you gave on your application form. This could include telephone calls (home/mobile/work) and email. It is not uncommon for payday loan lenders to instruct debt collectors to try and recover the funds after an extended period of non payment. In some circumstances payday lenders my opt to try and recover the money via the court system which may involve the borrower having a County Court Judgement issued against them.

I cannot meet the repayment of my Payday Loan, what are the implications?

Like any other credit commitment, if you fail to honour your agreed repayment, there will be implications.

As you would do anything to avoid missing a rent or mortgage payment, the same mentality should be applied when looking to use a payday loan.

We're not saying a payday loan payment is as important as a mortgage payment, but that missing a payday loan repayment can be equally as damaging to your credit profile as missing a mortgage payment.

More and more payday loan companies are now reporting your loan history to the major credit bureaus. This means whenever you apply for any type of credit in the future, the way you manage your payday loan accounts will have either a positive or a negative effect on your credit application. If you miss a payday loan payment, the lender will report this as a missed payment on your credit profile, and this will be evident to other lenders.

On the other hand, if you manage your accounts correctly and keep to your repayments, this will reflect positively on your credit file, and other creditors will see that you have managed to stay within your limits.

If you have a sudden change of circumstances and you find yourself unable to meet your payday loan repayments, you must deal with the situation as soon as possible. Let the lender know, they will want to work with you to work out a suitable payment arrangement, they do not want to get you into further debt.

Should you fail to notify the lender of your impending default, you risk having further charges added to your account and the lender will just try to reclaim all of the funds you owe through their Continuous Payment Authority.

Persistent non payment will usually result in an external debt recovery company getting involved and trying to recover the funds. Should this fail, the only option left for the lender would be to try and reclaim the money through the courts, by using a County Court Judgement.

A CCJ is the very last resort, and if the CCJ is successful you will have to pay the loan back otherwise court appointed bailiffs may get involved. A CCJ is an extremely negative thing to have on your credit profile, and will make getting any kind of mainstream credit nigh on impossible to get for the 6 years that the CCJ will stay on your credit report.

You will usually have lots of opportunities to work with the lender before a CCJ is issued, so we encourage you to make contact whether by writing or phone. Missing payday loan payments will have serious consequences on your financial footprint and you must consider this if you are looking to take out a payday loan.

I am struggling to make the payment, what should I do?

If you find yourself in a position where you cannot make your repayment, you must talk to your lender at the earliest opportunity and always before the loan is due. There are also other debt support charities that can help - Stepchange and the Citizens Advice Bureau are two of the best.

Is a Payday Loan right for me?

Over the last 3 years, the rise in the popularity of payday loans has been hard to ignore, but you should think carefully before taking out a payday loan to get through the month. Payday Loans are not right for everyone, and ultimately only you can really answer this question. The likelihood is that if you are looking for a loan like this then it could be an indication that you are already struggling to meet your current commitments and using a payday loan may further stretch your finances and not help your situation in the long term.

However for some it is a quick and convenient way to meet an urgent or unexpected payment and if used properly, it could save you money.

What are Payday loans?

Put simply, Payday Loans are small, short term loans designed to help a borrower get through the month until their next payday. It is advised that a payday loan should only be used for emergency needs and not for social purposes.

Borrowing from payday loan lenders is expensive, with many of them charging interest rates that go into the thousands. Whilst this number is slightly misleading, it is still a very expensive way to borrow money and particularly so if you do not repay on time.

On the other hand payday loans are generally useful if you need a small loan very quickly to cover an emergency expense and assuming the loan is repaid on time, they can be a convenient way to raise cash very quickly on a one off basis.

If I apply for a payday loan, when will I receive my money?

In recent times the speed at which a loan is paid out has become a priority for lenders and nearly all lenders offer a same day payout. With a more robust 'Faster Payments' system in place from the big UK banks, this means the funds will hit your account almost instantly from the time the lender transfers the money.

Some lenders offer free same day payments however some do charge a fee for this service so be sure to check the terms of your loan agreement first and whether the charge is deducted from your loan amount or added on to it.

Do I need a Payday Loan?

Borrowing from a payday loan company may be quick and convenient however you must ensure that you have exhausted all other avenues before applying. If you have tried to raise the cash elsewhere first, then using a Payday Loan may be your only option. If this is the case, ensure that you shop around to get the best available rate and choose a lender that suits your needs. Do not make multiple applications to different lenders.

Ok I definitely need a Payday Loan - where do I go?

Payday Loan Lenders can be found mainly online, however there are also options on almost every high street in the UK, including pawnbrokers. We work with a carefully selected panel of UK lenders and each company offers different rates and loan products. You should ensure that you consider all of the terms of the loan before applying and do not be drawn in by offers such as 'same day cash' or 'no credit checks' - in these circumstances you may find that you could have got a better deal if you could have waited just a day or so more and choosing a lender that doesn't offer same day transfers. All of the lenders here accept online applications, and some offer almost instant transfers upon your application being accepted.

Basic application criteria for a payday loan is that you are over 18 years old, a UK citizen and that you are in full time employment. Most lenders will verify your employment prior to issuing a payday loan. Payday loan lenders tend to be more accepting to those with bad or no credit history.

When choosing a payday loan lender, it is important that you consider all of the benefits that lender may offer, but also the additional charges. For instance you may need to borrow £100 and one lender offers you the cash the same day but they may charge you £25 to process a faster payment to your account and they may deduct this from the loan amount, meaning you will only receive £75 and have to repay around £130. You may find another lender who will offer the £100 via a BACS payment which is free of charge if you can wait slightly longer for the loan your repayment will still be £130 but you would have received more.

APR rates can be misleading as they are calculated for borrowing over 1 year, when a payday loan is designed to be borrowed over - usually - one month. However, they are all relevant to each other and you will find the rates vary by many thousands of percent.

We recommend ensuring you choose a lender that is signed up to the Good Practice Charter as you will receive fair and just treatment from them. You should also ensure the lender has a current Consumer Credit License, this number is usually at the bottom of the website.

Do you have any advice or tips?

The best advice available is that you only ever borrow what you need, and not a penny more and that you repay the loan when you agree to. It can be tempting to borrow more than you need, particularly with lenders that offer varying credit limits however you must remember that you have to pay it back - with interest.

What are the alternatives to payday loans?

For the most part, people looking for payday loans are struggling financially and may be living beyond their given means, often through no fault of their own. This could be an indication that you need more structured financial help and you may find it more useful to speak to a debt support charity. You should never take a payday loan out on a whim, you must ensure that you have fully researched the process and costs involved, and that you have exhausted all other means of raising the funds. Ask yourself now, 'Do I really need this Payday Loan?'

If you do, then speak to your family and friends first, everybody falls into some financial difficult at some point in their life and there is no shame in asking for help.

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